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Day: October 16, 2019

First Aid Training at Work: What Are the Requirements?

first aidtraining - First Aid Training at Work: What Are the Requirements?
The subject of first aid can be confusing in some instances, especially when it comes to first aid in the working environment.

Those that work on a building site are likely to have more factors to consider in relation to safety than that of an office worker, but it shouldn’t be assumed that accidents are limited to risky environments.

Regardless of the solutions put in place by a business, there is no way of knowing as to when an accident will occur, and what the nature of the accident will be.

As such employees attending a first aid course such as www.blackstrainingsolutions.com/first-aid-courses-scotland/ ensure that even unexpected circumstances, the right steps can be taken to safeguard the patient.

Knowing what first aid courses in West Lothian can offer ensures that employees are safeguarded should the worst-case scenario occur.


What Steps Does a Business Need to Take in Relation to First Aid?

The requirements needed in relation to health and safety can vary depending on the nature of the business, but it is recommended that there is at least one employee that has received Emergency First Aid at Work training, often abbreviated to EFAW, among every 50.

However, just because a business is smaller doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from someone with EFAW training, especially when you consider the ramification that could occur.

Ensuring that more employees are familiar with EFAW ensures that regardless of the incident that occurs, there is someone that can deal with the matter in a calm and effective way.

What If the Injury Is Serious? Can First Aid Training Still Help

As well as dealing with cuts and abrasions, there will also be times when the injury sustained is more serious,

Of course, emergency services need to be called, but there is still a lot a person train in EFAW can do, such as clearing the airways or ensuring that the person is in a comfortable position that won’t make the injury worse.

It’s easy to overlook first aid training as nothing more than a workplace necessity, but the fact of the matter is that those who are trained in first aid correctly can save lives and make a chaotic situation calmer.

It can also make the work of emergency services much easier when they arrive, which again ensure that the injury is dealt with as quickly as possible.

Who Should a Business Select for First Aid Training?

In some instances, health and safety may already be part of a job title, with health and safety courses being part of the training process.

However, those with a different working background will only be able to apply first aid following an EFAW certification.

There’s no background required when it comes to EFAW training although good listing and communication skills are a must.

As such, businesses should be focusing on individual traits when it comes to choosing who would benefit from EFAW training.

Many employees will thrive with the responsibility they’ve been given, and other employees will be given more confidence that the business has put in the relevant safeguards when it comes to minimising the stress and upset associated with injuries and accidents.