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Day: December 22, 2021

Working From Home vs. Office: The Pros & Cons

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The Covid Pandemic has brought a revolutionary change in companies' work culture all around the globe. The comparison of preference that has been a talking point incorporated is "Work from Home vs. Work from Office." Which working environment brings out the maximum productivity? The debate regarding the topic has been in motion ever since companies started migrating towards the digital form of technology as the primary consumption mode. Both sides have conflicting yet sensible arguments for their preferred side. People inclined towards the WFH (Work from Home) setup put forward the point that the mode gives their hectic routines some flexibility.

On the other hand, individuals who support the Work from Office present that the major purpose of the environment of fully-functioning office space is to instil the attitude of teamwork and encourage the whole office's efforts. Both modes have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of both working setups:

Work from Home Pros and Cons


  • Facilitates Saving Money & Minimizes Carbon Footprints

The Work-from-Home culture is profitable for both the employee and the employer. To elaborate, employees save money that otherwise would have been spent on commuting, meals, and other things. Similarly, companies save up massive amounts on energy expenditure in addition to other unavoidable expenses if their offices are up and running. As a result, lesser vehicles on the road inadvertently add to the environment's benefits, which, as we all know, is much needed right now.

  • Work from your Home's Garden Room / Pod:

Garden Rooms in Edinburgh - Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could work and be productive from your Edinburgh residence's garden? Away from all the noise and in the lap of nature? Well, you can take in the calm and serene beauty outdoors while being completely peaceful by going for fully insulated garden rooms or pods. These pods can be used as your office or studio, creating the perfect place for you to reduce stress, unwind and work. 

  • Improved Work-Life Balance

All of us have lives outside of work, and therefore, a flexible schedule that works from home provides a better work-life balance. Moreover, this setup prevents the risk of burnout caused by rigidly-scheduled working hours. Most organizations offering their employees to work from home also allow them to choose their working hours, which implies that the employee can choose the working hours that suit them the best. This creates the opportunity for the employee to be productive at work and available at home.


  • Promotes Teamwork & Growth of the Organization

The very nature of WFH is a kind of hindrance to the concept of teamwork. Coordinating with numerous employees on the phone or in video calls is possible. However, it is inefficient and lacks the method to tackle certain issues since it does not allow face-to-face physical interactions. Moreover, getting approval for ideas and plans over video calls eats up a lot of time, which is why the Work-from-Home setup can significantly dampen the spirit of teamwork and pave the way for disarray. 

  • The Trap of Productivity

Several polls online will state that most employees feel that their productivity is maximized while working from home. However, this is not the case if the person does not have a set routine that they follow dedicatedly. A well-set schedule is necessary for ensuring that the output stream is regular and steady. Even though the environment of your own house can be comforting, it can very easily prove to be counter-productive.

Work from Office Pros and Cons


  • Ease of Communication

Physical face-to-face interactions offer clarity and transparency. Thus, it is very beneficial when strategizing, strengthening professional relationships, and building rapport among employees. With proper communication, everything falls into place, right from the chain of command to the fulfilment of daily tasks. A seamless system is formed that instantly acknowledges and rectifies shortcomings when they are detected.

  • Precise Management

Each company is built upon pillars of a set structure that is absolute and indisputable, irrespective of the circumstances under which an employee works. Every worker answers to a higher authoritative figure, as a result of which the ideal output takes form. This is only made possible by the manager's presence on the scene with the employees. They keep a close eye on the ongoing work, spot mistakes, give helpful instruction to the employee in need and regulate the workflow. Unfortunately, digitalization leads to hassled management, which leads to the work being subpar or delayed.


  • Rigid and Stressful Rules of the Organization

The decision-making powers of an employee get reduced significantly. The working hours and commute are fixed, the work's scope is very predictable. Working from the office provides you with a rigid schedule to adhere to, and it does not bend or change based on your circumstances or problems. Therefore, you must be present at the desk every day, no matter what.

  • Work Environment

A majority of the debate depends on the kind of environment a company or organization fosters for its employees. The environment of your workspace has the power to either build up or break down your streak of motivation and productivity. But, unfortunately, employees do not get any control over their office setting. Be it an annoying officemate or any other logistics-based issue, they simply have to endure it. 


As it is abundantly clear, the debate over which work setup (work from home or office) is better perplexes even individuals who profit from either mode's school of thought, mainly because the advantages of the other side are very appealing. The answer, however, may lie in the middle, i.e., striking a precise balance between the two modes. Doing so will provide both the employer and the employee the required opportunity to attain the desired balance between work and life. Moreover, this will also provide an ideal working system that is perfectly optimized to be followed in the future.