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Depositphotos 5785869 s 2019 - House Extensions For Different Budgets
Are you looking at getting a housing extension to help reach your home’s maximum potential? For most of us, the thought of a housing extension is immediately tied in with heavy financial costs, immediately preventing us from getting one step closer to our dream homes. Although this can be true, you would be surprised to know what you can afford once you do a bit of research. Take a look at these budgets to help give you a rough idea of what you can afford.

The cost for single-storey extensions

An extension cost calculator can help give you an accurate estimation of the potential costs of your house extension. However, if you’re looking for a single-story extension, expect to pay:

  • Approx £1,500 - £1,900 per square metre.

  • Approx £1,900 - £2,200 per square metre for good quality.

  • Approx £2,200 - £2,400 per square metre for premium quality.

Bear in mind that where you live will have an effect on the final price of your extension, especially if you are in a city, due to the increased labour costs. If you wish to limit your spending, you can cut costs by doing certain tasks by yourself, such as project management. Check out this guide here for some top tips.

What about a double-storey extension?

A general starting point here is to add 50% extra to the basic build cost of a single-storey extension. So if your single storey-extension costs you £30,000, you can expect a double-storey extension to be around £45,000. See below:

  • £30,000 + 50% = £45,000 for the basic build cost

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there, since you can expect to pay an extra 10-15% for professional fees, as well as VAT.

  • 10-15% for professional fees (architect, planning application, engineering, etc.) (£6,750 at 15%)

  • VAT (£9,000)

Final costs for a double-storey extension = £60,750

You should see the above figures as a guideline to basic and uncomplicated extensions in the UK. As you might expect, like any other investment, there are a number of different factors that can increase the final cost. Look out for the following:

Kitchens and Bathrooms

If you have a kitchen or a bathroom as part of your extension, you can expect the figures to creep up slightly:

  • bathroom - £5,000

  • kitchen - £10,000

Finishes and Fittings

The costs mentioned above are for extensions with modest finishes, fittings, electricals and lighting. As local Edinburgh firm DDS Architecture highlights the costs of extensions are extremely variable. If you’re willing to pay a higher price for premium-serviced finishes like tile finishes, fitted joinery, etc, the cost will be higher, especially if you include glazing. A trendy addition to many modern extensions is sliding or folding doors, which can cost you £5,000 for around a 2.5m-width opening. Although this may be a bit pricey, adding a sliding door to your house can be an excellent way of drawing in as much natural outdoor light as possible.

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