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Write For Us

Hello and welcome to David Hicks! We aim to bring you improvement and construction discussions that are definitely worth having. It is our cherished goal to give our readers the sort of information that they can bring with them whenever they’re planning on undertaking construction or improvement projects.

In light of this goal, we are always aiming to improve and widen our scope of discourse. This means that we wholeheartedly embrace the concept of expanding our current roster of writers! For interested parties, you may want to answer these few questions:

Do you have writing experience?

Experience matters very much to us. It is one thing to run a blog or make a status in social media and entirely different to build a cohesive article with a clear point. We highly value people with actual writing experience under their belt.

In case you do not have writing experience, we are willing to provide a suitable test of your skill in order to consider you.

Can you discuss construction and improvement?

Having an intimate knowledge of our core topics is important to us. We would like our future writers to carry a working knowledge of construction methodology and improvement tips.

For anyone who thinks that they would be a good and welcome fit for David Hicks, do let us know! We are always looking to add more people to our growing writing team after all. You can submit any applications through Christopher Fleming. His particulars are in our contact page. We look forward to seeing interesting applications and thought provoking submissions!